Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vive la France! French Edition of Nan Vining #3

My French publisher, Belfond Noir, has just released Jusqu' au Sang, the French translation of The Deepest Cut, Book 3 in my Nan Vining series.  Jusqu' au Sang means "Until Blood." Eric Moreau is the translator of all my books into French.  Bravo!  Isn't the book jacket great? 

You can order it through Amazon France here.   

French edition of The Deepest Cut

Here's the Belfond edition of the first Nan Vining: The First Cut.  The French title means: "An Echo in the Night."  Order it here.

French editon of The First Cut
And here's the second Nan Vining, Cut to the Quick.  The French title means: "Raw."  I love it.  Order it here.

French edition of Cut to the Quick.


  1. Oooh, exciting! I'm going to tell my french amis! These covers are great.

  2. Oh this is wonderful! Do you know if they're going to make a Spanish edition?

  3. Thanks, Petrea! J'aime les amis francais!

    I agree, Lily... C'est magnifique! No Spanish editions yet. Will keep you posted.